Creating Commitment For Results

Strategy, Transformation, Leadership & Learning

MCR Consulting was founded 25 years ago in Belgium, as a spin-off from the University of Leuven. Since our inception we have become a trusted partner to small and medium enterprises and global organisations in 150 countries worldwide.

We leverage the power of academic research and best-practise experience to serve our clients at every level of their organisation.

Whether your question or need for support relates to strategy, business transformation, leadership or learning and development, we focus on the delivery of results that are sustainable.

Why do our clients value our work? They tell us time and time again that we inject new energy into their employees and change journeys.

If you want to know if your organization is ready for the digital future, you can request a 'digital readiness' analysis from MCR

MCR can offer you assistance and support in the following forms


Process Facilitation

In terms of process facilitation, our starting point is the knowledge, skills and expertise that exist within your organisation.



Our coaches do not directly solve problems for participants, instead they create an environment in which the participants themselves can find and identify the most effective solution.



Consulting to us is about sharing knowledge and expertise with the internal experts of your organisation.



Creating powerful learning environments is the core assignment of MCR trainers.

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