MCR Consulting’s model for strategy implementation was central to driving the change we desired and enabling us to embed new technologies into our four regions and 100+ end markets.

MCR Consulting helped us to engage our 16,000 employees around our strategy. Thanks to their emphasis on learning and co-creation, we are now executing our strategic plan with great effectiveness. Moreover, they have helped us to achieve all our targets in a very demanding political and economic environment.

Refreshing and inspiring insights into digital transformation. MCR Consulting always provides our clients with concrete examples and methods for success in a digital age.

MCR Consulting helped us to re-engineer our strategy and ways of working to drive market growth in Taiwan. Based on the positive results, we have asked MCR to continue to support us with the Personal Leadership Agenda and the campaign plan methodology.

MCR Consulting helped us not only with our Supply Chain transformation but Peter Rosseel and his team also facilitated the design of our end-to-end innovation process. For this we had to work hard on adjusting our company culture. MCR Consulting’s support was key: it was practical and we held the reins.

MCR Consulting helped us to create a strategically aligned high performing leadership team to support the roll-out of our operational excellence programme. MCR’s interactive methodology was new to us, but the impact on our organisation has been very real.

Cultural change has never been implemented so quickly at Nationale Nederlanden Poland.

Daniel Akhtar from MCR Consulting gave a great presentation and an interactive workshop on ‘how to manage change in the non-profit sector’. This way of learning was highly appreciated by our participants.

MCR Consulting’s model for change is an excellent process. We did not have a clear strategy. Now we have one. MCR did not do it for us, but helped us to do it ourselves. That is really powerful. The outcome was an aligned executive board and employees motivated and accountable to deliver results.

We have worked successfully with MCR on various projects at our headquarters, with our regional teams, with our clients and with our independent KBC insurance agents.

It was a very inspiring keynote lecture by Peter Rosseel that challenged our current ways of thinking. Afterwards we had a great discussion on digital transformation and the importance of vision, leadership and culture in the change process.

MCR Consulting supported us to build our end-to-end innovation process. Their unique approach helped us stimulate cross-functional collaboration, which was needed to manage our innovation projects successfully.

The campaign plan was a new way for us to communicate our strategy and involve our employees in strategic thinking. The impact was instant. Motivated and accountable employees was the result.

Schools and change are a challenging combination. The merger of three institutions with their own cultures did not require only change but transformation. The expertise and support of the MCR team was invaluable in our journey.

I never expected so soon after a three-day workshop on ‘facilitation of groups’ to have the “guts” to use the methodology with our mayor and his team. It’s been a hit! The idea to do it this way has been triggered by the discussions with the facilitator and especially with my peers. Thank you for this innovative way of learning.

The personal reflection and use of our own experiences, made the training course about us. Martine Meekers from MCR Consulting is a very professional facilitator and coach.

We wanted to create a high-performing and aligned leadership team/workforce. MCR’s Personal Leadership Agenda was intense, but the opportunity to give one-on-one feedback was very rewarding and supported our growth.

An engagement-oriented and process-focused approach to strategy development and change helped us overcome the challenge of merging four care homes and hence different ways of working.

Excellent support and advise, which made communicating structural changes to our employees more than a one-way conversation.

Thanks to MCR Consulting, we were able to co-construct a New Product Development process tailored to our organisational needs. The support we received from MCR in managing behavioural change was fundamental.

The return on investment from our training courses was not great. Until we worked with MCR Consulting. They opened our minds to new and more engaging ways of learning and development. They helped us successfully roll out the programme throughout our company. Training our trainers was a key part of this.

Workshop on facilitation of groups and team dynamics: It was an inspiring learning environment, full of interaction and practical tips that we had the opportunity to practise on our colleagues.

Peter Rosseel delivered an inspiring and interactive workshop for our top clients on digital transformation. Peter is an engaging speaker and a fantastic facilitator.

Getting our people together for the campaign plan was an opportunity to set direction. We had not used such an approach before, but expectations were exceeded.

In moving from strategy to implementation, MCR helped us to develop more client-oriented mind-sets and behaviours among our employees.

The constant constructive feedback from the facilitator and my peers really enhanced the learning experience.