Digital Readiness

Is your organisation ready for digital transformation? Explore how we can help you assess your readiness to succeed in a digital economy and support you on your transformation journey.

Digital disruption has little respect for existing industry boundaries. Therefore, it continues to mount pressure on current business models and organisational cultures. For many organisations, doing what they have always done is no longer an option. The digital age creates uncertainty, but that does not mean you should wait to be disrupted. It is time to play on the offensive.

Are you a ‘company that uses digital’ or a ‘digital company’?

MCR Consulting’s Digital Readiness Index (DRI) assesses your organisation’s digital fitness allowing you to make informed business and investment decisions. Our model assesses the complete holistic architecture of your organisation from both a rational and relational perspective, leading to a clear outlook on your strategies, operational model, people and priorities. Taking this context as a starting point, we help you to identify areas and opportunities for improvement.

Our digital readiness assessment provides you with the following:

  • Real time status in terms of where your organisation is situated on its transformation journey, allowing you to benchmark your performance against your competitors, organisations in different sectors and digital native enterprises.
  • A holistic picture of how your organisation stands up to the challenges of digital transformation. This will help to create deep understanding and alignment among your business leaders.
  • Business wide perspective and awareness on your organisation’s capacity to implement change and what capabilities and/or resources may be needed.
  • Recommendations and concrete actions, allowing you to elevate your organisation’s performance to the next level of digital maturity.

What we offer?

  • We work to develop a peer-to-peer relationship with our clients to deliver a full analysis of their digital readiness and provide recommendations for optimising future performance.
  • Our approach utilises your organisation’s know-how and combines this with solutions inspired by best practises from our clients world-wide and sound academic research. This powerful combination will provide you with actionable insights to better serve your customers and consumers.

As your trusted partner, MCR Consulting will guide you through the DRI process and support your transformation efforts.

Inform your digital transformation journey and assess your digital readiness today. For more information please contact us at


MCR can offer you assistance and support in the following forms (1) Process Facilitation, (2) Coaching, (3) Consulting and (4) Training.