Digital Transformation

Is your organisation ready for digital transformation? Explore how we can help you assess your readiness to succeed in a digital economy and support you on your transformation journey.

Digital experiences, such as smartphone apps, social media and online shopping, have become a familiar part of daily life. The value that new digital technologies can bring to our organisations should not be underestimated. But with new opportunities come new challenges. At MCR Consulting, we are convinced that now is the time for organisations to transform for the digital age.

Converting digital into business opportunities

Using a systematic and methodological way of working, we help our clients to align their strategic objectives, structure, processes, leadership and culture with digital technologies. Our approach to digital transformation is based on a 5-step model that transforms organisations into digital leaders:

  1. A well-informed and relevant strategy is key to ensuring that you invest and pursue opportunities in the right areas. Through interactive workshops, we help you analyse potential changes to your organisation’s eco-system, developing clear short and long-term strategies that are thorough and action-oriented.
  2. The Strategic Leadership Agenda (SLA) is the second building block for success. The SLA is your implementation plan and tactical roadmap for your digital transformation journey.
  3. Change or transformation requires strong leadership. The Personal Leadership Agenda (PLA) is an individual development action plan, which aligns your digital strategy and leadership behaviour. The PLA process helps you to initiate change at the individual level as well as at the organisational level.
  4. Any strategy can fail if employees resist. The Campaign Plan is a process that goes beyond traditional communication plans, driving a shift in culture. MCR Consulting involves and engages your people in a process of co-creation to support the roll out of your implementation plan.
  5. As experts in managing change, we take a proactive role to support your journey from strategy to execution. So if you find yourself in a tough spot, we can be there to guide your organisation to achieve excellence in execution during your transformation journey.

We support you to transform your organisation for the digital age. Do you want to know more about how our 5-step model can help you turn digital into business opportunities? Do not wait to be disrupted by your competitors, take control of your own digital future and contact us today.

Not sure what digital transformation means for your organisation? Where to start? Where (not) to invest time and resources? MCR Consulting can assist you in assessing how “digitally fit” your organisation is. Find out more about our Digital Readiness Index


MCR can offer you assistance and support in the following forms (1) Process Facilitation, (2) Coaching, (3) Consulting and (4) Training.