End-to-end Innovation & New Product Development

Is innovation important to the future growth of your organisation? The development and launch of new products requires a clear strategy, the right process and a culture of collaboration. Find out how MCR Consulting helps businesses to capture value and gain a truly competitive advantage through their innovation process.

The development and launch of new products is one of the most critical, yet challenging tasks that organisations face. The end-to-end innovation process is inherently diverse, meaning there are multiple touch- and decision points. Managing and navigating this multi-disciplinary landscape is the reality organisations must face if they want to gain a truly competitive advantage.

Understand, Agree, Commit & Act

MCR Consulting serves clients in different industries, helping them to seize the opportunity of innovation. Together with stakeholders from across the business, we analyse current enablers and barriers, helping you define new ways of working, which support your path for success. Our approach to process improvement is focused on cross-functional alignment and commitment.

Your specific organisational needs are important to us. Therefore, we help you build your own NPD process tailored to your requirements. This includes:

  • Process deconstruction and mapping to identify all steps and decision points in the process. This entails:
  1. Detailing and analysing the flow of information and documents describing the various tasks contained within each step of the process.  
  2. Understanding how inputs are transformed into outputs.
  3. Identifying decisions that need to be made along the process.
  4. Recognising the interdepartmental interdependencies throughout the end-to-end process.
  5. Identifying and eliminating unnecessary tasks and bottlenecks.
  6. Clarifying roles, solving resource constraints and identifying potential gains.
  • Define key actions that will help embed the end-to-end innovation process in your organisation.
  1. Pilot the process in a live but controlled environment, improving your ability to fail and learn quickly.
  2. Cross-functional training to help employees understand the process and learn how to work together to guarantee smooth execution.
  3. Identify a dedicated team of change champions, who protect the ways of working and provide further expertise.

What we offer?

  • A solid innovation strategy should underpin your end-to-end innovation process. To get the most out of your process we can help you develop your strategy.
  • MCR Consulting supports you in managing the complexities of organisational change needed to help you implement your innovation process. Therefore, both the rational and relational side of transformation are taken into account.
  • Our viewpoint is holistic. As such, we focus on end-to-end solutions, ensuring that your business does not miss out on any opportunities to further improve.
  • Innovative and engaging training and learning solutions that support employees as you rollout your new or refreshed innovation process.


MCR can offer you assistance and support in the following forms (1) Process Facilitation, (2) Coaching, (3) Consulting and (4) Training.