Our Vision & Mission

How can MCR Consulting help you, your employees and your organisation to be successful?

"Creating Commitment for Results"

Creating – Together we can create change 
A large part of the knowledge and expertise needed to achieve your business objectives exists already within your organisation. By creating powerful learning environments and designing and guiding you through the process of co-creation, we can help you to captialise on this expertise, and thus enable change to happen.

Commitment – Employee engagement and commitment are key to your success
Only when employees relate to, and identify with the direction of the company, will they optimally contribute to the realisation of the preferred future. We believe that through the power of conversation and debate, engagement can be stimulated within your organisation. As such, an inspiring story of change is created. In other words, our process allows your organisation to create a story of direction, purpose, unity and optimism.

Results – Co-creation and engagement lead to business results
Co-construction and powerful learning environments are not goals within themselves, instead they ought to lead to tangible results for your organisation. MCR’s work has the capacity to innovate. Our interventions lead to strategies that everyone can commit to, they develop the capabilities of individuals and create sustainable behavioural change.